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Gear Find: Sistema Cutlery Kit

$5 and 2 ounces? That is what gets you a Sistema Cutlery Kit. I came across this interesting box at Cost Plus World Market, tucked in with the kitchen supplies. There are other versions of this concept out there – two bases that have tops that slide in. In this version you get a spoon, fork, knife and chopsticks. The case I love though, it is the length of my hand, small enough to tuck into a cooking pot or food bag. The chopsticks are over 8″ long, the spoon is 6¼”, fork is 6½”, making them usable in most situations (outside of a deep freeze-dried bag, but hey, you can always cut the top half off to make a bowl if you must eat that slop….)

They are made in New Zealand of BPA free plastic. And each piece has its own spot in the carry box, to hold it securely, so you don’t have pieces rattling around. I have found my new kit for this year. For both hiking and for my purse – so I am never without utensils!


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