The Newest Cozies Are Here

My good friend Dani has taken over the sewing side of the FBC Cozies for me, which was great as I have so little time now with 2 under 2. And since she loves sewing, we now have 7 new prints added to the store. They are available as a cozy or an FBC Starter Kit.



US Stars:

Woodland Critters:

7o’s Mushrooms:

Starry Nights:

And the new Flame pattern. It isn’t listed yet on the website, if you would like it instead of the current Flame, just let us know when you order, we’d be happy to send it instead. It will replace the current Flame when it sells out.


3 Comments on “The Newest Cozies Are Here

  1. how can I order the starry nights pattern? I’m not seeing it listed for sale

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