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Book Find: Camp Cooking In The Wild

Released in April, Camp Cooking in the Wild: The Black Feather Guide to Eating Well in the Great Outdoors:

Aimed at the paddling crowd (kayaks n’ canoes) the book is an impressive starter book. It walks the reader through the basics from setting up a kitchen to why they feel certain types of gear is better than others. As a hiker I wouldn’t carry a dutch oven, an oven or a fire grate but I’ll admit I have carried a backpacking wok so you never know! My husband is an avid kayaker and we recently stepped up and got a Jackson Big Tuna so our plans do include more kayaking – meaning I can actually dream about carrying more gear and cooking up multi-course dinners on a sandy beach……

They go into detail on how to use the gear they recommend with many full color photos, covering topics from dutch ovens to fish catching/prep to the always complex meal planning. The last chapter is a collection of recipes, covering all the parts of the day. The recipes are for the most part aimed at those who can carry gear and heavy food, although some can be adapted for backpackers.

I’d categorize the book as perfect for gourmet camp chefs. It is a well written and lovely read – a great gift for anyone into paddling.


FTC Disclaimer: We received a copy for review.

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