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Nuts, Trail Treats & Trail Mix Finds

New food finds – lots of them! Summer is here and so is getting outside! Need some inspiration for your food/snack bag? Trying to eat healthier? Maybe less candy bars and a little closer to the plant?

We recently received an assortment of products from SunRidge Farms, an all natural line of nuts, seeds, berries, fruit, candies and more – many of which are organic. Sent was raw supreme almonds, energy nuggets and deluxe trail mix:

We serve a wide assortment of nuts and seeds in our home, using them in as many ways as we can. One can never have too many raw almonds (well I suppose we could…..but it’ll be awhile!). They are great for just snacking on or using in raw energy bars or chopped up and added to meals.The Energy Nuggets are bite size, a mini energy bar if you will. Easy to pop in the mouth while hiking. The trail mix is an assortment of preservative-free fruit, seeds and nuts. It is always a bonus when mixes do not contain sulphur dioxide to keep the fruit unnaturally moist.

SunRidge’s products come in resealable bags with a zip top and are recyclable as well, once empty. I can source their products in the Pacific Northwest at Fred Meyer stores, in the natural section and at co-ops/natural food stores.

OK, not everything is a visit to the Hippy Hut™ today. These copper kettle glazed nuts are candy-like. I sourced Straus Bavarian almonds at our local farmers market, they are made by a couple a few miles down the road, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountaihs. We tried out the Creamsicle and Cherry Cordial flavors. Addictive. If you like Sahale brand nuts, you will like these way more. They are crisp, nutty and very flavorful – and they sell online. And no fillers! Just honest ingredients.

Go Raw offers an alternative for those seeking raw foods – making bars and other treats can be done at home with a dehydrator but not everyone has the time, desire or resources. The offer bars, crackers, cookies, granola, sprouted seeds and more in ready to go packages. A lot of options and new tastes if you haven’t tried raw or sprouted before.

We will be reviewing a number of items from Navitas Naturals later this week. I can’t wait to try out their trail mixes this coming weekend!


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