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Food Find: Starbucks Refreshers

Last week one of the baristas I know slipped me some samples (thanks!) of the released-today new line of Refreshers™. I was able to try the Very Berry Hibiscus, there is also Cool Lime.

It is similar to the Iced VIA for packet size. The boxes are $5.95 – 5 packets inside and weigh in at 3½ ounces total (for all 5 packets). It isn’t  tea, it is green coffee extract (unroasted beans). It is different to say the least. It is sweet, fruity, floral and unmistakably coffee. If you love herbal teas and coffee you will love it. (See here for the ingredients.)

Each packet makes 16 ounces drink, although I diluted mine to 24 ounces (I like my drinks watered down).

I can see drinking this for breakfast when hiking – it is nowhere as strong as black coffee, not acidic and nothing like fruity to quench a hot day!

PS: On Friday this week Starbucks is doing a free tasting from Noon to 3 pm with a free 12 ounce drink of the 2 new flavors!


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