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Food Find: N’Joy Oatmeal Cups

I came across these recently at Cash n’ Carry, a regional chain that sells to business (and regular customers as well) in the food industry. They were tucked in near the espresso shop supplies. I have seen and tried a number of the ‘to-go’ cups of oatmeal, that are trying to emulate Starbucks cups. None have come close except for these. These were exactly like them, if not better. And cheaper. The ingredient list was acceptable overall (outside of caramel coloring).

Unlike the competition where everything is in the cup, these cups have each item sealed. Yes, it is heavy on the waste, but the tradeoff is the nuts are crisp, the berries soft, the brown sugar tastes great and the oats are not stale and limp.

Open the oats, pour in – and notice they are not as finely ground as a lot of instant oats are. Nice touch. O added the dried berries to mine before stirring in teh hot water (it has pour lines inside, a nice touch), covered it for a minute and came back.

Add the brown sugar and nuts:

For instant oatmeal it was very good. It allows an easy (healthy) choice for trips (or for having in an office) where all you need is a spoon and hot water. Where I found them I got mine for well under $2 (unlike the all-in-one style I have seen in grocery stores for $3.50!)

Can you make this for cheaper? Well, duh, yes. There are times when convenience does trump – and due to the packaging it has a good shelf life.

They have them on Amazon in N’Joy Oatemeal, Morning Harvest and N’Joy Oatmeal, Crunchy Nut as well.


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  1. Yes! I agree these are wonderful tasting. At a food show recently attended, a rep from NJoy told me they are exactly the same as Starbucks. The only difference is that Starbucks required that the oatmeal product be in Starbucks containers. These are absolutey the best tasting instant oatmeal (and I’m not an instant oatmeal fan).

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