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Food Find: Willamette Valley Granola Chips

A recent food find is Willamette Valley Granola Chips line of crispy snacks. They come in 4 flavors: Butter Pecan, Wild Berry, Vanilla Bean and Honey Nut. The bags are 6.2 ounces and are resealable.

The company is selling nationwide now, they do sell through their website as well. I found them in a natural foods section here.

What caught my eye was a display with single serving bags, 1.75 ounces each. Yes, I am a sucker for cardboard displays. They call to me. I hope they continue to make the mini bags – they are the perfect size for hiking.

They are crunchy and lightly sweet – and pretty heavy duty.


2 thoughts on “Food Find: Willamette Valley Granola Chips

  1. Sarah these look really good. As you know I live in the Seattle area and am wondering where I can find these. The manufacturer website says they are not available.

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