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Recipe Re-do’s: Tuna Bruschetta Sammies

I have been poring over Trailcooking lately, looking at older recipes and considering re-doing them. Updating, changing methods and whatnot. And hey, you might see recipes you hadn’t seen before! One that picked my interest was Tuna Bruschetta, a recipe I came up with a number of years ago. It was a no-cook FBC friendly recipe that could be used in sandwiches, on tortillas or on crackers or even tossed with hot pasta or rice. So what did I change?

Oil packed tuna pouches have become easier to find in recent time. I am a firm believer that anytime you can get tuna in olive oil, get it over water packed. Not only does it just taste better, it is better for you and you have one less thing to pack in – namely oil! The 2.6 ounce pouches are easily a single serving for a large appetite or for 2 smaller appetites. If you add more to the lunch it stretches the tuna out.

Does it seem odd to call for bread while hiking? Maybe. Or not. If you are out for an overnighter or 2 nights, bread carries just fine. Either carry it in your cooking pot or a hard sided container, such as the ones made by Glad or Ziploc that are thin-walled/light. And be sure to seal the bread in a quart freezer bag either way, to keep it from drying it.

Pick a type that is hearty to keep you full. When I don’t have time to make bread (which we do nearly daily) I buy Dave’s Killer Bread. I feel for you if you can’t get it where you live. It is good stuff (and hey, their production plant is across the street from Bob’s Red Mill just outside of Portland, Oregon – ultimate road trip for foodies!)

Tuna Bruschetta Sammies



At home pack the tomatoes through pepper in a snack bag. Mark “Add 6 Tbsp water”.

To make –

Add 6 Tablespoons cool water to the bag, let rehydrate for 30 minutes. Roll the tuna bag gently to break it up, open and add to the vegetables, stir to mix.

To serve two, spread the bread with mayonnaise (if desired) top with a slice or two of cheese and the tuna.


PS: If you cannot find the pouched tuna, there is canned tuna in oil with pop-top lids. Read the cans carefully, some are packed in cheap oil and broth, others in EVOO. The cans are 5 to 6 ounces.