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Monday At Sunrise

Monday Kirk had a rare weekday off, so we took all the boys up to Sunrise at Mt. Rainier NP for an easy day of hiking. We hadn’t been up there since last summer and last year the snow was deep. This was so much better – barely any snow left made for easy hiking.

The weather forecast was sketchy but we were rewarded with sunny weather much of the hike – although it was chilly. No complaints! It kept the bugs down to nearly none at a balmy 54°. Which is always entertaining in the parking lot to see folks from Florida bundled up in winter clothing shivering at 6400 feet. Hehheh! I love days like that at Sunrise…..we are using these hikes as “shake-down” hikes to get used to dealing with 2 small ones, working out what gear we need and finding a new groove with our family of 5.

Little Tahoma peeking through:

We did a favorite loop of mine, going out to Shadow Lake and coming back on the Wonderland Trail. Kirk and Walker ahead of us:

Alistaire was happy to snooze most of the hike! I had him in the front carrier.

Walker happily hiked most of the hike. Hmmm…maybe Kirk got the good end of the deal. He got to wear an empty kid carrier most of the hike…..

A little snow melt creek to cross?

In the far distance a lone teenager attempts to keep far away from his family….

Crossing snow:

Shadow Lake was a welcome sight:

I had high hopes for our “usual” lunch spot but oops….the far end of the lake was still snow covered.

We backtracked and had a snack above the lake instead:

Walker happily dug through the “goody-goody” bag for his promised treat….considering he had hiked 1.7 miles, a treat was well earned.

I had received a package of Tasty Organic Fruit Snacks as part of the monthly vegan swap I participate in, my box this month came from One Vegan Fatty. (Wondering what the Vegan Food Swap is? My friend Cat runs it!)


I hadn’t seen them before, they are carried at Whole Foods though. Walker loved them (so did Ford). A dye-free snack? Always a bonus! I snuck out a couple and loved them as well.

Not easy to get a photo of all my boys – and have them all happy. Hah. Walker had plans, and family photo time wasn’t one of them.

Looking across at Rainier and the Emmons Glacier:

Our goal is to have Walker up to 3 mile hikes by the end of summer, I think it is a do-able goal 🙂 He is proving to be a strong little hiker. And honestly…hiking with little children does involve tossing out lofty goals (high miles), low-weight backpacks (unless you have super small children, which I don’t!)….the rewards are nice though – happy little ones squealing with happiness. A babbling brook, a warm lake. A picnic. And a nap on the way home!


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