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Huckleberry & Blueberry Recipes

If it is August, it is time for dreaming about picking berries in the mountains! At least it is for us, here in the Pacific Northwest….

Red Huckleberries:

Up high the crop won’t be ripe until late August/early September, patience has its payoff though. (Although the photo below is from one of my 30+ bushes I grow – I even grown alpine blueberries!)

I like to make jam so we can enjoy it all year but there are times when one craves an in-camp treat. Need some ideas?

Double Ginger Huckleberry Cobbler:

Huckleberry Doughnuts

Berry Dessert Sauce:

Curried Salmon Pilaf – also see here for the article.

Here is a short primer I wrote on the ethics of picking/foraging. My rules (for me)? Only pick where it is allowed, don’t be a hog – follow daily limits and don’t strip bushes and if ya hike in, rather than drive up to, you’ll get better berries! Now if you think I’ll share my secret picking areas? Hah, not likely! But I’ll give you a hint – they are on the PCT and around Mt. Rainier 😀