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Food Find: Crunchy Pumpkin Chips

Food find over the weekend:

I came across the Danielle Chip line at Cost Plus World Market and took a look at them. I had passed over them before, glad I finally tried them!

They are not cheap at $2.99 a bag, which is “2 servings” but really would pass for 1 large serving, the taste is worth it as a treat.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I opened the bag up. I had feared they would be hard chips, but they are not. Crispy yes, easy to bite, with skin left on. The bag goes fast, save the crumbs and top a dinner with them!

They contain only pumpkins, rice bran oil and sea salt and the whole bag has only 30 mg of sodium – a nice choice for those watching their sodium intake. They don’t need to be salty, the natural sweetness of the pumpkin shines through.

As for finding the line, if you have a CPWM nearby, check it out. The company is in quite a few stores including While Foods as well.


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