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Gear Review – Ladies Functional & Fab Items

I treated myself to a new shirt by OR (Outdoor Research) recently. It isn’t often I plunk down $42 for a shirt, especially an outdoor shirt. But wow, I couldn’t pass it up. One of my favorite colors and cut much longer than the average workout shirt. Almost a tunic length.

It drapes perfectly. Busty? Got actual hips and not boy shaped? Oh, it flatters! For once a shirt designed for boobage! After having 2 kids back to back this shirt made me feel great hiking in it, it doesn’t ride up in the front so no showing of one’s stomach.

The only caution I’d give is wash in cold and air dry. It dries fast, so that isn’t an issue.

Had I known I would love it so much I’d have bought one in each color they had. I went back yesterday to my favorite gear shop and they were sold out. Ack!

I received a sample of Wildskins arm warmers in the mail recently and just loved how fabulous they look! Funny is normally I wouldn’t buy orange clothing….

Normally I’d have bought something green or blue….being a review item I happily took what I was sent. And then I noticed the burst design matches my OR shirt above. Oh, did I mention it was fab looking? I love the sparkly fabric. Somewhere I can hear an LNT rant about polluting nature with color. Hey, it is multi-purpose. Not only do they keep your arms warm, they shed the wind, block the sun, resist mosquitoes (fact – I was bit on my upper arms through my shirt, on my legs, back and behind and I saw plenty land on my arms but I had zero arm bites). And you want really multi-purpose? It wipes sweat softly off the face and doubles during hunting season 😀

I liked them so much I bought a second pair in Green Galaxy. I knew they were fabulous when I had an older guy gag over them on trail. Fashion critic? Hah, more like grumpy fashion deprived! And while the colors are vibrant and many are more girly, I can see some of the colors working great on guys who are confident. But hey, shouldn’t we get something besides boring black or white for once?

The fit? Tight but not uncomfortable. They stay up, not wiggling down. The fabric is thick but stretches well, snaps back. Sewing? Well done. Cleanup? Simple. Soak in cold water with a little Woollite or similar, rinse and air dry on a towel. The thumb loops are sturdy, covering half of my hand. The pocket on the right arm is big enough to hold my ID and key.

Delightful, lightweight and you can be warm while looking snazzy… for me!


FTC Disclaimer: We received items for potential review.

3 thoughts on “Gear Review – Ladies Functional & Fab Items

  1. I love the arm warmers. This is ideal for those cool mornings and when it warms up in the day you can just remove them. They look good too!

  2. Its about time we had a bit of color in our hiking wardrobes. Far better than the boring colors that we are used to!

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