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Gear Find: Keen Pyrenees Boots

As Walker, our 2½ year-old, hikes more we started looking for shoes that would hold up. We had him in typical ‘tennis shoes’ which is easiest when they are little. It can be hard to find small sizes, in toddler. Usually hiking boots don’t appear until they are older, in youth sizes. After a lot of research the only ones I found that did everything we wanted were Keen Pyrenees boots. Bumpers on the toes, full lacing system – many shoes now only come with shock cord…ugh. Leather uppers. waterproof/breathable. The only drawback was they were $70 a pair. Eek.

Thankfully I lucked into one of the email sales that Sierra Trading Post runs often and they had them in stock. I got an extra 40% off and free shipping. Due to that, I bought 2 pairs. One in his current size of 8 and a pair of 9’s. Most likely I will get both him and his brother through these boots before they fall apart. In the end I paid around $27 a pair, a bargain to be sure. If anything…being on the STP email list is great. Sure I trash most of the offers, but when I needed it, what a deal.

It was good I bought them when I did, the smaller sizes seem to be gone. Finding a toddler 8 and 9 was hard enough to find in any brand, hopefully Keen will continue to make boots for little ones. They are well made, just miniature versions of adult boots. I live in Keen low cuts so now he matches me.

I love being able to find quality gear for my kids! Between this and last year when I found a blowout sale at REI on toddler fleece and down coats/jackets (they were 75% off!), we have some well outfitted hikers now.

Although his getting trekking poles anytime soon probably won’t happen – I don’t need to get poked 😉


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