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Dayhiking Berkeley Park

Saturday I went to Sunrise at Mt. Rainier National Park with Janelle and we hiked to Berkeley Park. I hadn’t been down that trail since 2004, when Ford and I did a death march from Sunrise through Berkeley to Grand Park and back. I enjoyed the trail this time, seeing it almost as I had never done it before. I didn’t get to spend much time at Rainier last summer being pregnant with our 3rd son so it has been wonderful this summer so far.

Summer is nearly gone though, the flowers are fading quickly at 6400 feet –

We had an early start and were on the trail by 7:30 am or so, after we helped a lady jump start her van….

Once we passed Frozen Lake the flowers started showing, mostly the tiny lupine that thrives in alpine tundra –

Lupine up close –

8 am-ish and loving the bright but not hot sun – and that we barely had seen anyone out. Coming back was a different story of course. Then we met hordes of normal time hikers 😉

Rainier peeking above the long line of Burroughs Mountain –

The trail to Berkeley splits from the Wonderland Trail and heads downhill –

On the way back we sat here and had lunch…it was a nice spot for marmot watching –

We saw this marmot “mowing” while we ate lunch. He or she was very active and ripping quite a bit out – (Photo courtesy of Janelle)

The small Lupine calls out for one to get down to its level –

Looking down at Berkeley –

Fields of Lupine –

Lodi Creek and Lewis’ Monkeyflower in bloom –

Lodi Creek with views of Burroughs –

A small wetland area with a miniature pond reflecting the views –

Across Lodi Creek –

Nearly to Berkeley Camp, looking back up –

Lodi Creek –

I am thinking Bog Orchid?

Cow Parsnip with Burroughs in the far distance behind –

A marmot on the way back –

We had a small coyote run across not far below us – it was quick and hurried across, then up a couple hundred feet of scree…..(photo courtesy of Janelle)

We took the long way back to the parking lot on The Wonderland Trail, stopping for a snack above Shadow Lake and a few mt views….


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  1. The photographs are beautiful. It looks like you had a perfect day for it. I too like to go early morning to beat the rush lol

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