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Gear Find: Tiny Bristle Brushes

Years ago I bought one of the fancy Camelbak cleaning systems which hilariously to me, are a combination of a riffle cleaning kit and a baby bottle brush….it is bulky and stored in a bin that never sees daylight. Fail indeed. Sure it worked but it wasn’t to me worth the $$ we paid. And I rarely use bladder hoses. About 7 years ago I ditched bladders and went back to bottles. I only carried a bladder for camp use – to collect water in. So then I didn’t need a long flexible brush anymore. Some of my bottles though are the fancy ones with straws and bite valves, such as Camelbak’s Eddy bottles. Even with only water in them they get gross over time. The bottle and lid are easily cleaned (especially if you have a bottle brush on hand like we do with little ones under foot). The straw and bite valve not so easy. They tend to really get nasty over time.

I was going through a baby aisle and came across these:

Priced at $1.99, the Sippy Straw Cleaner™ are tiny bristle brushes about the length of my hand (so around 6-7″ long). Before you roll your eyes, they work. And are cheap and durable. I can get those pesky straws and bite valves clean. I found mine in the PNW at Fred Meyers, I’d expect that Babies r’ Us would carry them as well. And PS: they also work great at cleaning out knives, flashlights, cameras, GPS units and anywhere you need an exterior cleaned where it is small…..


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