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Food Find: Planters Nut-rition Peanut Butter

It has been a long, very long, time since I bought the “bad” peanut butter. You know the kind: bad oils, shelf stable, no need to mix, full o’ sugar and a taste that makes you want to eat an entire jar. Being a “good” eater I grind my own nut butters. Then I was given a jar of the new-ish Planters Nut•rition peanut butter in Banana Granola Mix while grocery shopping.

For all my healthy leanings, nothing compares quite to junk food peanut butter. And this doesn’t fail. It is smooth, crunchy, sweet and savory all at once. I won’t lie….it is good. Really good.

Planters has 3 flavors in the line. I am sure the other two are like crack and also taste good.

On tortillas, bread, bagels, apple slices? All good. Find it in the peanut butter aisle at most stores. And enjoy junk food once in awhile……


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