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New Choices in Broth Packets

After being sold for years at Trader Joe’s stores and upscale food shops, broth concentrate packets are getting easy to find, with new options showing up.

First up:

Safeway has brought their line of chicken, beef and vegetable flavored packets. Not as quite salty as a teaspoon of bouillon, they are better for flavor overall. At $2.50 for 8, it is cheap and well, cheaper than even Trader Joe’s – and TJ’s only carries chicken now.

Swanson Flavor Boost are 4 packets per box, for $2.49. Each packet is .49 ounce, so is quite hefty. Seafood isn’t a flavor you see often, chicken and beef were also offered. Swanson had an older version that was 8 packets ber box, is this a new version to take its place? I don’t know.

I received recently a freebie of  Knorr’s Homestyle Stock in Vegetable:

At $3.99 for 4 small tubs it seems pricey but each tub makes over 3 cups broth, it is highly concentrated (most of the flavor sticks make 1 cup broth). For group cooking this could be a great choice.

None of these options are low in sodium (the lowest seems to be the Knorr reduced sodium which is 560 mg one tub, most are in the range of 760 or so for one cup), still they provide a lot of flavor for a small amount of weight.


2 thoughts on “New Choices in Broth Packets

  1. wenbt to 3 HEB’s and no one had seafood flavour boost – so im improvising, but not happy

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