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Dehydrating 101: Parsley

Yes, one can go to Costco and buy a massive shaker of Parsley for a couple $. It’ll last you all year most likely. On the other hand, lets say in theory you planted a small broad leaf parsley plant and it grew like crazy, stronger than any of the other herbs in the garden. And in early fall you wander out and realize it is taking over the blueberry and huckleberry plants next to it.

So you give it a “haircut”:

I took off more than ¾ of the plant, as you can see. No fear, it’ll come back (OK, there is a small chance it won’t survive winter, but I am not too worried). And the red huckleberry to the right is a bit more valuable to me anyways!

I had a massive bundle of parsley to process, quickly picking off the leaves, discarding the stems to my compost bin. I spread the leaves across trays with mesh liners in (I use a L’Equip Food Dehydrator), and dried at 135° till crispy-dry, which was under 4 hours time.

Once cooled I packed them gently into a glass storage container:

Store tightly sealed, in a dark and cool area. Light is not your friend for dried herbs.

When ready to use, crumble and measure.


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