A Public Response on Measurements

Ah, the passive-aggressive emails I get. If a reader is unhappy  by all means PLEASE email me, I do my best to get back and find a solution.

But lets face it: if you cannot bear to give your real name or email address? Then your “constructive criticism” will probably not be accepted or considered. Most likely I will snicker and round file your email. Especially if your email skills involve the use of the “F” word.

“Your name: sent a message using the contact form

But what makes it completely useless to me, and grating to boot, is sticking to outdated jokes of measurement systems and then sneaking in metric for extra confusion.

I grew up with metric, which means I know how to scale measures and how to convert weights to volumes and such, easy enough. But not when you insist on units that have wacky and varying(!) conversion scales and are otherwise entirely unnormalised. It’s not that it’s old, it’s that it’s such a jumble. And the way you use metric seems designed to deliberately worsen the mess. Well, congratulations for f****** up a f*****-up situation yet again.

This is exactly why all the world except the last stubborn 5% went fully metric years ago: We learned from past mistakes.

So do be a dear and provide metric versions for each and every measure given on the site. How you do it is up to you. Just be consistent.”

Hmmm…let me think about that. Gee, no. Look, I grew up in a time when our schools in the US were preaching “The metric system is coming! The metric system is coming!” (Cue up Paul Revere in your mind…heehee) and then it never did in the US. Well, not in the way they thought. It lives side by side with standard old-school measurements. Most Americans still measure by the fluid ounce and use dry cup measurements in the kitchen, yet buy pop by the liter. Water by the gallon. We can food in pints, buy car parts in metric. I can see both in my mind when I cook. I carry a 1 or 2 Liter cooking pot, yet I carry a 1 cup measuring cup and a quart water bottle. Then again, I was also promised in like 1980 I’d have a flying car by 2000. That didn’t happen either.

Last but not least: the website is free. I post when I can, frankly having two small babies and a teenager keeps me pretty busy. Spending my elusive free time redoing measurements is not going to happen – especially considering I don’t use the metric system in my kitchen exclusively. It is nothing personal, but ya know….I’d rather get a nap. If I had actual free time. Or go walking/hiking.


PS: And if you had the self assuredness to actually leave an email address I would have gotten back to you privately. 

4 thoughts on “A Public Response on Measurements

  1. Nice! But really, who wouldn’t want to measure out 236.58823 ml instead of a cup? It’s not that f****** hard, is it! lmao! Sarah 1 – Anonymous A****** – zero. Gotta go, its naptime!

  2. one wonders what anonymous would have done with the cookbook that came with the old wood burning cook stove in our family cabin – terms like cooking in a quick oven vs a slow oven, or a generous handful of flour.

  3. love your response Sarah….some people are just mean & crotchety, plain and simple. love the blog!

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