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Food Find: Nescafe Memento

Awhile back I had come across Nescafe® Memento™ drink mixes at the store and picked up Caramel and Cappuccino, Mocha is also offered. Finally with the cool weather I felt like trying it out –

I am quite skeptical when I try flavored instant coffee beverages. Most are sickly sweet and chalky in texture at best. So these sat for a few months before I had the courage to try them.

Maybe I shouldn’t have waited so long. They are actually quite good, some of the best I have had. The Caramel is smooth, creamy and not overly sweet.

Cappuccino is not overly sweet and one can taste the coffee sharply through it. If one likes coffee with milk, this is a great choice.

8 ounces of hot water + a packet=stir and enjoy!

Look in the flavored coffee section in most grocery and big box stores for it. And yes, these are not “health food”, junky ingredients abound. Sometimes a girl has to have something bad for her 😉


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