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Food Finds: Simple Truth Items

In the PNW Fred Meyer stores abound, they are part of the Kroger empire. One thing they are well-known for is their natural & organic section in the stores. They don’t have everything, but they do have a wide selection of items. They have been recently overhauling the line, adding more items. This is the list of 101 ingredients they claim to not use. Kroger’s page is here, that describes the products.

Anyhow, all that besides, my goal is having fun in figuring who makes their products (I do the same at Trader Joe’s!). I’d swear the”Natural Sweet Potato Chips” are by Terra Chips (look, taste and have the same texture) –

These two are easy – those natural M&M clones? Sunspire brand, unless someone else is making them now. They are the only version of that candy I have been able to eat the past 7 years, as they have no artificial dyes. The bagged version is easy to grab, has a zip top and very fresh! The cashews? SunRidge Farms – I swear they are the same ones I reviewed this summer.

And at a lower price. In easy to see packaging. At least check them out. The yogurt covered pretzels are addictive…..


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  1. I hope President’s Choice in Canada continues to add to their line like that. I tried the PC fake chickn tenders and vegetarian tips and thought they tasted exactly like the (more expensive)Gardein stuff we bought. A quick look at the back of the PC box shows they are made by Gardein.
    That was a pretty exciting find. We don’t eat pretend meat products very often but now, it costs us half what it used to.

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