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Food Finds – Five of Them

We have had a lot of samples grace us in recent weeks – lets catch up!

New to the sweetener world is Nectresee™. Brought to you by the makers of Splenda™, it is a blend of Erythritol, Sugar, Monk Fruit and Molasses. And if you go sign up, they have a freebie offer currently on their website. It is a new “diabetes safe” sweetener so it is a consideration and it comes in single-serving packets.

Lipton Tea & Honey drink packets have been out for a while but have gotten more attention lately. As you can see, they come in a wide variety of flavors – and also in single serving and “pitcher” size packets (they fit in a quart container). While I like some of the flavors, I found the peach and berry ones to be way too sweet/over powering flavored of fake-ish fruit/berry. They contain honey but also Sucralose (Splenda™), so be forewarned. Great for getting less-than-tasty water in the backcountry to taste good. Tip? Cut the packets with more water than called for. Then it doesn’t over power your taste buds.

Sweet Leaf Tea is organic and great tasting. No chemical flavors. No harsh tea tannins. No syrupy corn syrup. In fact, my husband joked that it wasn’t “sweet enough to be sweet tea”. Which means it was perfect for me, when I crave a sweetened tea. This is perfect for in a cooler, for that ‘after-hike-drink’. The canned version? Well, lets say if you need a caffeine boost this is great for packing in a pack – and you can make an alchy stove after…hah!

Fruitzo is a great grab and go item – large resealable sacks of freeze-dried fruit with a hint of cane sugar – the kiwi are great! These are great to add to Oatmeal (check out the link for great recipes!)

Crispy Greens is pure freeze-dried fruit – in more exotic types such as cantaloupe and asian pear – in single serving bags. They would all work well in Fruity Couscous…..


FTC Disclaimer: We received samples of these products for potential review.

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  1. I swear I saw them at Cost Plus World Market – I’ll need to look carefully when I am out shopping these days 🙂

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