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Food Find: Tamari Packets

During October when I took our family off nearly all processed foods I had made a sweep of the ‘long-lasting’ condiments in our house – you know the ones that get used up like every year or two. And found it shocking that most soy sauces have preservatives. Which struck me as funny considering soy sauce is salt, which is a natural preservative. Part of it is most likely that many soy sauces are made from wheat now, instead of soybeans. In the cleaning up of our pantry I went to a gluten-free ‘soy sauce’ that is made of rice/soybeans – and preservative free. But for outdoor and travel use, schlepping a whole glass bottle isn’t what I am wanting to do. A quick food find is San-J’s Tamari sauce (Japanese soy sauce) that is made from water, organic soybeans, salt and organic alcohol. In single-use packets of ¼ ounce each. Did I mention gluten-free? Non-GMO certified? Organic? All of that with great taste and convenient.

Look for it in natural food stores, I found it in the Pacific Northwest at a PCC location.


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