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Food Find: Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt Bars

Ford (The Teen) was grousing the other day that his little brother, Walker (The Toddler), had replaced him as my food tester. Yeah, sorry Ford, you got replaced. Thing is your little brother loves fruit, veggies, hot Thai food and well, pretty much everything that isn’t bolted down 😉 And he still fits in a shopping cart seat, locked in. And The Toddler enjoys long, boring shopping trips (probably all the sampling is an incentive….) So yes, this lil’ devil is my co-food-tester now (sitting next to his upcoming competition, Lord Chubbington, er…. Alistaire (The Baby):

Walker, like any smart toddler, loves bars of most forms. He hasn’t met a Clif Z-Bar he doesn’t like. I came across Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt bars and asked him if wanted to try them. Duh.

We picked up an Apple & Honey and a Cherry Almond. There are 8 flavors in the line. Walker’s favorite was the Apple. While it had an almost candy flavor, the apple taste is snappy. The granola and whole almonds are great texture. He wasn’t so enamored with the Cherry, which I liked best.

Positives? Sweet, tasty, full of flavor, soft texture (easy to bite/break into pieces) and multi-layers of flavor.

Negatives? They are sweet. Keep that in mind.

Find them in natural food stores, tucked in with the energy bars.


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