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An Accidental Gear Find

I had made it a goal in my life to never, ever buy anything with the logo “AS SEEN ON TV!!” on it. Just too cheezy for me. And hey, since we got rid of cable, I have been free of those ads (although Billie Mays? You will always be missed….) But then I realized something: when I was pregnant with our last baby, in December of 2011, I woke up one morning with total carpal in BOTH arms, up past my elbows. While it has slowly receded, pregnancy related carpal can last. That I am working out with weights is making it better, but it is a long road. Hence an issue I have been battling is not being able to grip properly when I lift hot dishes or pans. This goes beyond the kitchen as well – my hands have a hard time opening bear canisters, tying knots and even lifting pots properly when cooking outside. Kirk and I were out shopping awhile back and he saw a sale on The ‘Ove’ Glove and joked that maybe it would be good for me. That I could grip and not have too much bulk (silicone mitts are too bulky) and quit burning my wrists.

I rolled my eyes but then thought about it. What did I have to lose? Not much. I got a great deal on it, for about $10.50 with sale and extra coupons I had. They retail for about $15 to 18 it seems on average. A good deal, if you have Prime shipping, is at Amazon, for a 2-pack: Ove’ Glove Hot Surface Handler, 1 Glove (Pack of 2). They work out to be about $12.50 each.

The verdict? It works. Freakishly well. I can grip, without thick bulk. It has non-slip treads. As I worked with it in the kitchen I realized the possibilities for it. At a shy 4 ounces it isn’t UL but neither is it heavyweight. Car camping and a fire pit? Check. Car camping and grilling? Check. Backpacking where fires are allowed? Check. Never needing a pot gripper? Oh yeah. Not dropping a pot because it is hot and my claw like hands fail? Not freezing my hands at 6 am when it is below freezing outside? Worth all 4 ounces.

So next time you see a rack of them hanging by the checkout…consider it.


PS: Want more info? See DuPont’s website on the glove.

6 thoughts on “An Accidental Gear Find

  1. With the arthritis developing in my hands, I can empathize with your grip problems. I’ll check this out.

  2. I need to buy these for my 12 year old son. He hates to remove things from the oven, maybe this will help him! He hates pot holders because he can’t get a grip. Thanks for the great review.

    We are also big scouters and campers. We are continuously forgetting the “tool” to use on the dutch oven. maybe with these gloves we can store them with the oven and never forget again.

  3. I was EXACTLY the same way – thinking there was no way it could work. One thing I forgot to note is these gloves work even better if one has smaller hands – my husband who has very large hands does feel the heat a bit faster than me. But not a huge issue. It works, I was shocked 😉

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