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Food Find: 479 Popcorn



I had seen 479° Popcorn a number of times, but hadn’t tried it until recently. Coming in 4 flavors (plus a holiday one as well), you have choices. This is foodie flavors indeed, not what one might expect from popcorn. The earthy flavor of Black Truffle + White Cheddar is amazing. It is a treat, a savory one. Sure, popcorn isn’t a high calorie snack, but it gives the satisfaction of a crunchy treat, something often sorely missing when hiking. The single serving bags are just enough for a quick break, leaving no leftovers to go stale or soggy. Paired with a sesame cashew? Ummmm….yes.

Oddly enough? Our toddler loves it….

Find online or in many locations across the US. I found it at my local Safeway, it was being sold in the floral section. Our local Peet’s Coffee carries it as well.


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