A Smattering of Photos from 2012

Considering I started 2012 off at about 33 weeks pregnant, I wasn’t feeling very outdoorsy. Until as soon as our 3rd son showed up. Then I was missing being out there! When Alistaire was ready for the jogger stroller, him and Walker were bundled up in early spring to enjoy local rail to trails:


I’ll be honest, hiking with 2 small ones (and a teenager) brought a new learning curve. We did hikes that were not super hard, although by summer’s end, Walker, The Toddler could hike nearly 3 miles on his own and happily carries his little pack full of gear. I front carried the baby, Kirk wore the kid backpack in case Walker got tired. I think Kirk got the better deal!


Hiking the Carbon River Road Trail at Rainier:

I knew I hadn’t lost my love of hiking when I walked along the Carbon River at Rainier. To some it is a boring walk, to me…the old growth forest, the river, the creeks, it is just perfect.



On an early summer hike with a friend, in Eastern Washington. We didn’t make the end of the trail, that is OK. We made the views, had a nice lunch and got a ton of elevation –




Daddy and Walker, on an overlook at Rainier:





Beargrass in bloom:



Alistaire (the Baby) and me hiking to a set of lakes and meadows at Rainier (I was front wearing him):



Daddy and Walker, hiking together on another Rainier hike:



Barely visible, The Teen shuffles far ahead of us. Forced to come along 😉



One of my favorite lakes at Rainier, I try to go there at least once a year to enjoy it:




A wide pass in Mt. Rainier NP on a lonely flower hike, shot in pano:



A lake on the Pacific Crest Trail in the early evening, as the winds picked up:



Just past dawn, in the wildflowers, with Rainier shrouded by clouds:



Strolling the PCT:



A tarn on the Pacific Crest Trail:




The flower shower was amazing on one very early morning hike:



Hiking in the wild flowers with my day-glo orange arms…..




Lupine in alpine –



Going to Berkley Park at Rainier:




A toddler wandering through a long-forgotten part of a fort on an island:



The baby is now 10+ months old and is walking on his own. The toddler will be 3 in a few months. I can see their adventures getting better every year! Maybe I didn’t put in the miles of past years (well, those before I had 2 more kids!) but honestly I enjoyed my hikes more this year than ever. I learned to get down and take photos of animals, of flowers and to simply sit and enjoy the sound of utter silence….bad mommy looked forward to once a month running away with friends Dani or Janelle, and having an adult hike!



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  1. Kudos to you for hiking with your young ones , I did the same when mine were young. What a beautiful place you were in . A little slice of heaven.

  2. Fantastic Photos! I also love that you camp with the lil guys! If you’re on the trail and looking for an easy way to cook you should check out the Slatgrill. It’s super light weight and folds flat, plus you can use any heat source too! http://www.slatgrills.com

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