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A Smattering of Photos from 2012

Considering I started 2012 off at about 33 weeks pregnant, I wasn’t feeling very outdoorsy. Until as soon as our 3rd son showed up. Then I was missing being out there! When Alistaire was ready for the jogger stroller, him and Walker were bundled up in early spring to enjoy local rail to trails:


I’ll be honest, hiking with 2 small ones (and a teenager) brought a new learning curve. We did hikes that were not super hard, although by summer’s end, Walker, The Toddler could hike nearly 3 miles on his own and happily carries his little pack full of gear. I front carried the baby, Kirk wore the kid backpack in case Walker got tired. I think Kirk got the better deal!


Hiking the Carbon River Road Trail at Rainier:

I knew I hadn’t lost my love of hiking when I walked along the Carbon River at Rainier. To some it is a boring walk, to me…the old growth forest, the river, the creeks, it is just perfect.



On an early summer hike with a friend, in Eastern Washington. We didn’t make the end of the trail, that is OK. We made the views, had a nice lunch and got a ton of elevation –




Daddy and Walker, on an overlook at Rainier:





Beargrass in bloom:



Alistaire (the Baby) and me hiking to a set of lakes and meadows at Rainier (I was front wearing him):



Daddy and Walker, hiking together on another Rainier hike:



Barely visible, The Teen shuffles far ahead of us. Forced to come along 😉



One of my favorite lakes at Rainier, I try to go there at least once a year to enjoy it:




A wide pass in Mt. Rainier NP on a lonely flower hike, shot in pano:



A lake on the Pacific Crest Trail in the early evening, as the winds picked up:



Just past dawn, in the wildflowers, with Rainier shrouded by clouds:



Strolling the PCT:



A tarn on the Pacific Crest Trail:




The flower shower was amazing on one very early morning hike:



Hiking in the wild flowers with my day-glo orange arms…..




Lupine in alpine –



Going to Berkley Park at Rainier:




A toddler wandering through a long-forgotten part of a fort on an island:



The baby is now 10+ months old and is walking on his own. The toddler will be 3 in a few months. I can see their adventures getting better every year! Maybe I didn’t put in the miles of past years (well, those before I had 2 more kids!) but honestly I enjoyed my hikes more this year than ever. I learned to get down and take photos of animals, of flowers and to simply sit and enjoy the sound of utter silence….bad mommy looked forward to once a month running away with friends Dani or Janelle, and having an adult hike!



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