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Food Find: Wholesome Meals Snack Bites

We recently received an assortment pack of the 5 flavors of the Wholesome Meals Snack Bites line to try out. Each resealable tube has 6 balls, which is 2 to 3 servings. Each ball has 4 grams non-gmo protein. At first I thought the balls would be hard, as energy balls often are. I was happily surprised they are more like a cookie, crisp and easy to bite through. Unlike most “protein” balls or bars, they are easy to eat and don’t have the heavy texture of protein. And the tubes? I loved them! The lid stays on and they are easily reusable. Great for packing trail mix or fragile items in later for your pack.

From the company: “Snack Bites are little delicious cookies made from organic nut butters and top shelf proteins, instead of flour so they are naturally gluten-free. We even name our protein manufacturers.” Each product features a brand name ingredient for the proteins.


The Nutty Monkey was a favorite of mine and the toddler. Crunchy, with a neat flavor.

Nutty Monkey, made with organic peanut butter, organic chocolate and all natural banana whey protein isolate, hormone free


Kirk’s favorite was the Chia Chocolate. Years ago I wondered how he’d like Chia, funny is he likes it more than me!

Chia Chocolate made with organic peanut butter, organic chocolate, chocolate organic rice crisps and all natural whey protein isolate, hormone free.


Peanut Butter was my favorite. I liked the peanut butter-molasses flavor combined with brown rice crisps for a neat bite.

Peanut Butter (organic), with all natural hormone free whey protein isolate, organic flaxseed and organic rice crisps.


The Vegan Cranberry Almond is packed with an organic vegan protein, to keep you fueled. Tasty too!

Vegan Cran Almond, made with non-gmo almond butter, organic vegan proteins from and cranberries.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t too thrilled with the Sunny Honey. Mostly it was because our tube was messy. The honey had separated out of the balls and had left a really sticky mess. I also swear I could taste the spirulina in the protein blend. I really cannot stand that ingredient. Too many “shakes” with it when I was a kid!

Sunny Honey, made with organic sunflower butter with vegan non-gmo proteins, a hint of orange and raw honey.


An enjoyable treat, especially for those with smaller appetites or desiring a quick pick up without the need to chew for forever 😉


FTC Disclaimer: We received product for potential review.

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