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Review: Quest Cravings Protein PB Cups

A few weeks ago I had two packages show up for me, on different days. Both had the same in them – a case of  Quest Cravings Protein Peanut Butter Cups. I am honest in that protein bars are not one of my favorite things to eat, be at the gym, or on the trail. So as I pondered what I was going to do with 24 of them….a hungry teenager loitered in the shadows.


He was a bit too interested in the boxes.

Apparently so much that he ate 23 out of the 24 packages!! Glad someone enjoyed them. As is, I never got to sample the PB cups. I’d say that if he ate 23 packages he liked them. The Teen is taking “Fitness Walking” for his 9th grade gym class. The school is in the woods, surrounded by bike and horse trails, so 3x a week he gets a great workout hiking. Which is hilarious as a lot of girls signed up thinking it would a sweat free class of casual strolling 😉 I found out he was taking and eating the cups at school. Which was a good idea, especially after a long class. For a skinny 6 foot tall teen, getting 20 grams of protein in what appears to be “candy” worked well (and 17 grams of fat doesn’t hurt either).



He could have what appeared to be junk food to snack on, that wasn’t just simply spiking him with sugar (two of their cups has 1 gram sugars, where as the candy bar similar to this has 21 grams). Feedback from The Teen was “drink a lot with them” and “they fill me up”, which for a 15-year-old is a lot to say.

Positives? No preservatives or artificial coloring. Short ingredient list. Excellent packaging protects the cups. High in protein. Easy to eat and portable.

Negatives? They do contain a small amount of Sucralose for sweetening. I am not a fan of that, it didn’t deter my taster though.

Verdict? Worth it if you like protein bars and would like to take them up a step. While noted on their website that they sell online, I have seen their products sold on the counter at the smoothie bar at our gym. Good thing The Teen doesn’t come with us or he’d expect me to buy him a case……He was highly disappointed when he realized he had munched through all of them.


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