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Head Gear: Hoo-Rag Vs. The Buff

Having used a UV Buff® for the past few years, I was intrigued to try out a Hoo-Rag™ recently. I normally wear my Buff® over my hair, with a visor on top, holding it in place. It protects my hair, my scalp and my neck as well. It also does a great job of keeping my head cool and sweat-free. Add in one of my two pairs of Wildskins Armwarmers and I am a fashion disaster going down the trail 😉


I won a free one via The Hearty Herbivore having a contest – which was a neat thing as I hadn’t come across Hoo-Rag™ before. My life has been so busy the past three years I haven’t been on top of new gear like I used to be. Anyhow, I got my pick of whatever one I wanted and within a few days it showed up. Since it was for me, I picked out a girly shade. I have a thing for purple and blue prints.


In this photo are the two, side by side. Both are purple, but the Buff® one on the right looks almost brown when shooting.


Although the Chef prints grabbed my eye, I’d love the utensil one for hot days in my kitchen.

I set out to compare the two. A normal Buff® costs $20, the UV Buff® is $30. A Hoo-Rag™ is $14.95, which includes shipping in the US. There are of course differences. The Buff® is made in Spain, the Hoo-Rag™ in China. Many of the Buff® ones are made of name brand fabrics. Does this matter? Maybe, maybe not. If a person is trying to outfit an entire family (or even themselves), sometimes not everything is as important. When comparing the two brands, the fabric used in them feels the same, which for me is a huge issue. I hate fabrics that stick to my skin, especially in winter when it is dry. And neither do this. They both are the same size, length and width. They fit the same when putting on. They can be used exactly the same.

There is of course one striking difference that more money does get you:


The Buff’s® print is lined up. They are a tubular, seamless knit (although there is a seam-like line on these tubular knits). They have it properly lined up. Where as…..


The Hoo-Rag™ doesn’t line up.

The question is: does a person care? Is it a deal breaker? I can’t imagine any of my hiking partners would notice (or even remotely care!). If it comes down to function and economics, the answer may be it doesn’t.

So…check both out and make your own decision. At $15….you can afford to outfit though. And still look great.




3 thoughts on “Head Gear: Hoo-Rag Vs. The Buff

  1. Mom has been using buffs for years but just got a chance to review the HooRag and has been pondering the differences between the two, besides the obvious cost difference. We enjoyed your informative comparison of the 2 products.

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