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Food Find: Little Soya

While I don’t follow a gluten-free diet, I do use gluten-free soy sauce – due to it not having stuff in it I avoid (and they will have packets out soon). Having said that, the one I use at home is full sodium, which means I use it sparingly (nearly 1,000 mg sodium per Tablespoon). Packets of lower-sodium soy sauce do exist –

Kikkoman’s is 230 mg sodium per packet and no preservatives (which is shocking as the bottles of the same sauce do have preservatives.

Kari Out also has packets, but from past experience I can tell you it isn’t great. It wasn’t horrid, but wasn’t memorable.

The biggest issue with the packets, is that unlike most single-serving condiments, often you don’t need an entire packet worth. But once opened, it is use it or trash it.

So finding Little Soya was a nice pick. They are re-closable see-through plastic “fishes” that hold .27 fluid ounce, or 8 ml. Each container has 270 mg sodium. If anything, they are aimed at the “Bento” crowd, who like to make fancy lunches, having said that, these are perfect for carrying in a food bag. Now you can use a little here, and the rest later. Just a bit bigger than a packet, with a lot less mess. PS: I found them at my local Safeway, hidden in the Asian section.


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  1. Thanks for your awesome review of Little Soya… I’m the founder & CEO of the company. So it was nice to come upon your review! We appreciate your support. Take care, Gary Murphy

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