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Food Find: Single Serving Coconut & Almond Milks

If you follow my personal blog, Gazing In, you know I really love So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk. It is great for baking and desserts, but also in savory dishes. So Delicious also has a line of high protein almond milk as well, which is quite delicious. For those who avoid dairy milk, finding something to serve to yourself or kids when hiking isn’t easy. Especially if you also are avoiding soy by-products.

So Delicious milk is in single serving containers now, shelf-stable and ready to drink or use (straw included):


Coconut is in Chocolate and Vanilla.

Almond is in Vanilla.

Each box is 8 ounces, the perfect amount for drinking, using on cereal or cooking oats with. All 3 also work great in recipes for tapioca and rice pudding, hot cocoa, trail mochas and more.

Sure, it isn’t UL, but that is OK. The taste makes it well worth the weight. Find at natural food stores and progressive grocery stores.



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