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Trashy Food Finds: The Limited Line of Lay’s

OK, I had to find them. Yes, for all my “natural food and unprocessed way of life”, I was obsessed with finding the new line of Lay’s potato chips that was released this week. I was trying to grab some photos when the freaking FritoLay man caught me doing it. Stealthy I wasn’t. Usually I don’t get caught 😛

He gave me a good-natured ribbing and cornered me if I was going to try them 😉 He was good at up-selling to say the least! So as to not look like a photo-taking jerk, yeah, I was “forced” to get some. For research purposes. Of course.

And now I remember why I DO NOT bring home potato chips. Those things are evil. In that they taste so damn good you don’t want to put them down.

I have been known to pack full bags of chips with me for hiking. Salty, tasty and easily munched on – and should they get crumbled? No loss… then you have a topping for your dinner that night. A trip down memory lane to Trasher-olles!

And this I have to say: Once you try Chicken & Waffles you will never want another potato chip. Seriously. OK, well maybe if you grew up on Chicken n’ Biscuit crackers like I did. Sweet, savory, salty. Crack-like. BEST chip I have had in years. I don’t know how to explain it, but you could easily bribe other hikers if you had a bag of these, nestled on top of your backpack.



I wasn’t so sure at first on the Cheesy Garlic Bread flavor. It grows on you though. And yes, it does taste just like cheesy garlic bread from a pizza joint. Which means these crumbled on top of rice dishes in the backcountry would be phenomenal.




The third is Sriracha. Yeah, you know: the hot and spicy sauce that is used like ketchup on the west coast. Haven’t gotten to trying them. Although it struck me that they would be perfect for winter hiking. It is hard to drink enough, since you often don’t feel thirsty. Add some heat? Oh yeah, you would be chugging water.





These are limited time, so if you like them, pick them up quickly. Now off to go vote for Chicken & Waffles…..


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