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Food Find: Tomato & Basil Cheese Sticks

Tomato & Basil Cheese Sticks?


Think string cheese with a lot of flavor –



Along with Cracked Black Pepper and Jalapeño flavors, we have new choices. String cheese carries well, on both dayhikes and overnighters, so no reason to buy shelf stable cheese for short trips.

And pssstt…while excellent for snacking (plain or diced into a tortilla wrap with hummus), they also melt easily…and make a faux-pizza on split English muffins –


Heat a non-stick pan over a low flame, add in the muffins and cover till melted. Yum! You can use dehydrated marinara sauce (easy to do, pick a brand that has no corn syrup for best results) or bring along a pouch of Boboli sauce.



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