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Gear Find: Rubbermaid Design Series Waterbottles

I have been frustrated the past months, after my Camelbak Podium© squeeze bottle died an early death. I couldn’t get the 1-way spout (oops, my bad, the “Jet-Valve™” properly clean and eventually the tiny blue valve wouldn’t go back in, it was popping out, in my mouth, when squeezing. That put a real bummer on using it. And…they don’t carry replacements. Oh well. $9 in the recycle bin. It was my go-to bottle for the gym. I suppose I could have tried to get it warrantied ..but it wasn’t worth it to me, for the hassle.

I have many bottles, but since I despise Camelbak® bite valves, all mine have the screw off lid style and drink out of. Which is fine for hiking, but not when I am trying to not dump water all over myself while doing cardio. (It isn’t that the valves don’t work – they do – but I don’t find it comfortable to use, it is a personal preference.)

Lately I was using a metal bottle, which while functional, wasn’t what I liked (I am not a fan of metal near my teeth). Out grocery shopping, Walker (The Toddler) was playing in his favorite aisle, the kitchen tools aisle. I was looking at items, and saw up high a display of Rubbermaid Design Series Waterbottles. They were pretty (I am female, I shop with my eyes first…) so I got one down.


Lightweight (4 and 5/8 ounces,) and well designed, with a finger grip and a pop up drinking spout cover. No straws, no bite valves, just an easy to use drinking spout.


And with no parts to get nasty over time. The no-slip grip cinched the deal. And a choice of red and purple….


And for $7.99 retail? And then on sale for $6.99? Even better.

Oh yeah, guys? They have manly choices as well.


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