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The Wide Variety of Shelf-Stable Milks

In the not-so-past I only carried dry milk when hiking & backpacking. Low pack weight was everything to me, as I glided (er…maybe wheezed and grunted) up the trail. Then after 2 more kids, I found my backpack (and jogger stroller) loaded down with all their items. I gave up at that point in trying to save pack weight and instead went back to the gym and started working out again – to carry them and their food. That was a good decision. Both Walker (3) and Alistaire (1) love the milk packs, especially Horizon’s organic milk. They are easily sipped with the straw included, or poke a hole and pour into a bottle/sippy cup for the younger set.

And I found something…. while I don’t mind dry milk in cooked recipes, I really prefer my milk fluid. Be it cow’s milk or non-dairy options, such as coconut and almond. So for the past 2½ years I often have had shelf-stable containers with us, in our van and in our backpacks.

We received an assortment of Tetrapak® containers of milk, in various brands and flavors, some of which I had not tried before (or even seen!).

Horizon Organic milk has been my go-to since Walker started drinking milk. I even keep it on hand for at home use, for emergencies. If you have picky eaters, bring these for their morning cereal, oats or whatever they like. No lumpy dry milk and water here. Just what they expect and love.


The Chocolate Milk from Horizon Organic is the milk I hide from the kids. I don’t drink a lot dairy milk, but I have always loved cold chocolate milk, especially after hiking. Stash these in a small cooler in your car, for after hike drinking, you can also freeze them before heading out for a mid-afternoon treat. And is also great heated up and mixed with a tube of VIA coffee…just sayin’!


And did we mention kids? Kids will love Cow Wow Cereal Milk. It is sweetened milk, in berry and cocolate flavors, ready to pour over cereal – or cook oatmeal in it. Yum!


Also included were two flavors from Hershey’s® new line of milks (Prisma) in Chocolate and Strawberry:


What did Walker love most? Well besides being thrilled to have a big box of milk to enjoy…it was this:


What toddler wouldn’t want a light weight TetraPak® cow to play with? 😉


FTC Disclaimer: We received complimentary product for potential review.