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Romanian Candy Bars? Oh Yes!

Kirk was in Romania for work again and being that he is a good husband…he of course went exploring in the hinterlands of Transylvania.

If I can’t be there….at least bring me back edible souvenirs. He did bring me back Romanian candy bars –


Rom bars, a rum flavored bar that is solid on the outside and soft inside. A boozy tasting treat that America should follow. Just sayin’. And 30¢ each, over there? Ummm…hello!


Fagaras is a rum flavored bar with raisins inside, also soft inside. Again, cheap and tasty.


And yes, next time he will be bringing me home a lot more of them. I loved that they were single bars, snack size of 30 gram in weight. And that they had a flavor that isn’t used in the US in chocolate. Sure, they might be a relic of the Soviet years but a girl can dream, no?

They can be found, in the bigger 45 gram size, on Amazon. Kandia Autentic Rom Cel Mare Chocolate Bar for about 90¢ a bar total.

Kind of like Kendall Mint Cakes. Why are these items not popular here?