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New Recipe: Spring Pilaf For a Family

Last weekend I tried out a new recipe – and used the family as testers – while on a laid back cabin stay. Life was rough…being forced to look out at the Pacific Ocean only yards away while making dinner šŸ˜‰


This very easy, very quick andĀ deliciousĀ recipe is a snap to make – and to carry. I wasn’t veyr worried about dry weight, the meal itself can be downsized for smaller meals. Since I had one very hungry teenager, I doubled the tuna in it, which was a great move on my part. I tried out theĀ deliciousĀ Wild Planet No Salt Added Wild Albacore Tuna, which has a pop-top lid, for easy opening. It is also a solid tuna, no flakes of wimpy fish here. You get what you pay for: robust, tasty, high quality fish.



Nothing like a little Christmas cheer in March, no? I cruise the mark down section every week at my local Safeway. For some reason no one else wanted these hideous paper bowls šŸ˜‰ Their loss! If I am on vacation…ya know, I can be lazy and deal with a little shame over using paper bowls.



Spring Pilaf

In a quart freezer bag:

Also take:


Bring 2Ā¾ cups water, broth sticks, oil and tuna (flaked/chunked) to a boil in a 2 Liter pot. Add in rice mixture, stir well, return to a boil. Take off heat, cover tightly and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes. At higher altitude or coolĀ temperatures, insulate pot with a pot cozy.

Stir well, divide into bowls, sprinkle with cheese and crunchy toppings.

Serves 3 ample bowls.


ForĀ theĀ toppings I used a bag each of Fresh Gourmet Wonton Strips and Crispy Onions, both sold via Minimus, in single serving bags. They can also be found in produce sections of grocery stores in full size bags.

Broth sticks can be found at Trader Joe’s and also in most grocery stores in the soup/broth aisle by a range of companies.

This recipe could be done FBC style, but due to the ample size, it works better as a one pot style meal.


FTC Disclaimer: WeĀ receivedĀ complimentary product used in the development of this recipe.