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Simple n’ Scrumptious Sammies

I saw my inspiration for this on Serious Eats, talking about a sandwich Alton Brown eats. He uses sardines and avocados. Which I am sure taste great, I happened to have some of Wild Planet’s no-salt added albacore tuna on hand….



So I thought…wonder how this would taste? Umm…yeah….



It was beyond fantastic. Creamy, rich, filling. Simplicity at its best. OK, I am sure some of you are thinking “It is sooo heavy”. Yeah, whatever. It is worth it. After hauling Little Lord Chubbington on hikes, an extra pound for food is a big whoopie-e-do. Never thought I’d say that…but I also enjoy my snooty heavy food these days. 😉

And bread? You can carry it easily, use a Glad or Ziploc sandwich box. Makes a nice mixing container too. And yes, you can toast bread in the backcountry. By very carefully holding it near a low flame on a stove. But you don’t have to of course. It is fine either way.


Tuna & Avo Sammies



Drain the tuna, flake/chunk into a bag or bowl, add in enough oil for tuna to stick together, season with salt and pepper. Spread a bit more oil on the bread slices.

Meanwhile, split the avocado carefully, pop out the pit (with your spoon, not that stupid way every freakin’ celebrity chef shows it. Do that and you risk stabbing yourself!!), run the spoon along the inside and pop out the flesh. Drop into a clean bag or bowl, mash-up.

Spread half the avocado on the bread slices, top with tuna, then drop on remaining avocado. Sprinkle on a bit more pepper and a drizzle of oil if desired.

The original recipes notes adding vinegar. I had forgotten about it, although it probably would taste great as well. Minimus carries balsamic vinegar, table vinegar and red wine vinegar in packets, 1 packet would be plenty. Or bring a packet of lemon juice/a small fresh lemon and add that.

PS: To carry an avocado, wrap in paper towels, tuck into your cooking pot or mug. Take a mostly hard one and it’ll ripen up within a day.


FTC Disclaimer: We received complimentary product used in this recipes development.

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