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Food Find: Bacon Jerky

Ford (The Teen) was lamenting of late how he wasn’t the ‘taste tester’ anymore and that I let Walker (the toddler) do it all 😉 Oops! With that in mind I kept on the lookout for things he might like. Needless to say, our mostly vegan/plant-based diet at home leaves a hungry teenager in a black mood  and funny how meat can be a treat!



So when I pulled out a bag of Wild Bill’s Bacon Jerky you would have thought it was Christmas time for him. Bacon. Jerky. Meat!!!!



To get an idea of what it is like, take ultra-thick slab bacon, make it shelf-stable and jerky all in one one. Fatty, chewy and salty. So yeah, the teen enjoyed it. So much no one else got any. The bag was seen leaving the house with him, never to be seen again.

So..if you like bacon and jerky, you will love this. Just don’t leave it where hungry males are…..


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