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A Wee Bit Too Much Vitamin D?

Having used Water-Jel® Burn Plus over the years (lets just say that heat and I don’t mix well) I was happy to check out a new product, Water-Jel® unburn® sunburn relief gel.


So…what happens when you forget to wear sunblock (ouch, that is me) or don’t re-apply often enough or go too high in altitude and end up with a nice hot vacation/hiking reminder? Yeah, it sucks trying to sleep with hot/red skin. Heck, it sucks trying to do anything! I swear worse than sleeping is trying to drive home, sitting on leather seats. Ack.

Instead…consider carrying in your car or having at home, waiting for you, a bottle Unburn® gel. It not only cools your skin, it also knocks the pain down.

So how does it work? Here is the back story:

Unburn Sunburn Relief is a topical water based gel for fast sunburn relief that actually draws the heat out of the burn to cool the skin. Unlike standard aloe vera gel that seals in the heat from a burn and cool, Unburn’s water based gel draws out the heat for fast healing and relief. The gel is controlled by acting as a heat exchanger. 

UnBurn is formulated with 2.5% lidocaine to give you quick pain relief and contains Vitamin E and aloe to soothe skin and prevent peeling.

Memorial Weekend is coming. Kirk would tell you to load up on sport-grade sun-block as well, but be prepared for a warm Tuesday back at work 😉


FTC Disclaimer: We received product for potential review, which yours truly ended up using after working out in the sun one too many times of recent!