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Food Finds: Sugar Bowl Bakery

To start this post off…let’s go grocery shopping. The 3 year old has this thing for Sugar Bowl Bakery products. And who wouldn’t. Fat, sugar? Good taste? ūüėČ The local Safeway carries their line of goodies in the bakery¬†department in¬†large tubs, often for $5. How a toddler learned the joy of¬†Madeline cookies¬†I¬†have¬†no clue. Anyhow, imagine just how excited said toddler got when he saw¬†individual¬†packs of their goodies at Cost Plus World Market? I’d say shimmering. Walker has become my lil’ tester and shopper.


2 crunchy, crispy palmiers, in a small pouch, with a lightweight plastic tray to help prevent crushing. Kids with an adventurous appetite will love them, adults even more so, especially paired with a cup of tea in camp.


PS: And if you happen to see the Madeline/Brownie combo bites? Ummm….buy a box. Freeze them. Take a bag with you on hikes. You won’t regret it! Just hide them from everyone else…..

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