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Finds From the Allergy-Free Aisles

I might put it this way: while I try to make the majority of our food from scratch, not all of it happens. I like to have snacks for the boys in the van, we travel and hike and as well the oldest has school lunches. Sometimes it is just nice to be able to buy a box of treats that I know everyone can have. Especially after the gym. I used to eat a granola bar or energy bar if I had a hard workout. I can’t eat most of the bars now, so many have peanuts in them or are manufactured on unclean lines. With Alistaire’s allergies I can’t just ignore them when I am hungry. If I have it on my hands or face, I risk contaminating him. But as well, doesn’t he deserve to enjoy with us? I feel awful when Walker or Ford can have food he cannot. So the rule for me when shopping is now: peanut and egg free, preferably certified vegan, made in a dedicated peanut-free factory. That most of the times those that qualify are gluten-free as well? That is just a bonus.

So it leads to the first food find of this group –

Enjoy Life SunButter Crunch Bars:


I picked these up, wondering if I was making a bad mistake. I went into it wondering if it could be good. The bars nor only surprised me with good taste, but that the texture is nice. Dense and chewy, yet not hard or hard to chew. Alistaire will have no issue eating these, I can see eating them after the gym and more so…I can see the 15-year-old taking them in his lunch. I will be trying the other varieties. Definitely a positive on these bars.

Lucy’s Gingersnaps:


I have a feeling most toddlers and babies don’t go for gingersnaps. In our house they do! Lucy’s gingersnaps are some of the best gluten-free and vegan cookies i have sampled. They don’t taste “GF”. They are crisp and tasty and smaller sized, making it a great “special” treat for little ones. A certain wee one was very, very happy. Thank you, Lucy’s! I am a loyal fan now. And being crisp they carry well. If they get crushed? Well, top pudding or GF oatmeal with the crumbs!

Enjoy Life Crunchy Sugar Crisp Cookies:


I saw these recently while on a shopping trip. Walker was eating a cookie, from the store bakery, and well…I can’t give Alistaire those and he looked so sad, staring at Walker – who was loudly munching on it (being a brat and loudly going on about how tasty it was ….). I figured I would try out the sugar and the chocolate chip cookies. One happy little toddler daintily nibbled on his cookie and smacked his big brother away when he got too close 😉 Their products are safe for him and actually taste good – which means I am happy to support the company.

Sunbutter Spreads:


For years I would dabble with sunflower butters. Now I am buying 6 packs off of Amazon and grousing that Costco doesn’t carry it. I never realized how much I would appreciate having an all-purpose stand in for plain peanut butter. I am just glad that there are options and that those taste wonderful. And the bonus is it does come in single serving packets.


One thought on “Finds From the Allergy-Free Aisles

  1. THANK YOU for providing gluten free options on your wonderful site! I made two of these last night and I couldn’t believe that I could have a gluten free chocolate chip cookie that tasted so great! I used tahini for the nut butter, used honey instead of maple syrup and omitted the brown sugar the second time around. So good! I can’t wait to try your other recipes!

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