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Giving New Life To An Old GTX Jacket

Ever had an older waterproof/breathable jacket (or pants/gloves/hat/etc) that was still looking good physically, but it’s waterproof ability had slowed down considerably? The coatings on the fabrics degrade over time, from use, from our sweat/dirt/body oils and also from not washing our garments enough (or also simply washing too often with aggressive detergents).

Kirk has a well-loved Goretex® jacket from REI®, that he picked up at least 10 years ago. So when we were sent out various items from Nikwax Waterproofing to try, I knew just what garment to test out a container of TX.Direct® Wash-In on. His old and trusty but neglected red jacket. It had so many fun miles on it, didn’t it deserve another chance before it went to the Goodwill bag?



When using the wash-in to help restore water proofing, it is best to use their Tech Wash® first, to clean the garment. Typical detergents used for laundry should be avoided for specialty outdoor fabrics. Nikwax sells the wash in a combo set:



It was incredibly easy to do, and there was no harsh smells either. And wow….his jacket looked a few years younger 😉

Check out their video explaining it better than I ever could:

Nikwax products can be found at REI and other outdoor stores, as well as online. Remember to take care of your pricey items and you will get better results when in bad weather!


FTC Disclaimer: We received product sample for potential review.