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Gear Find: Lunch Skins & Lunch Skins2

I have quite the thing for being organized. I like bags, sacks and what not for both my backpack, my purse, my van, you name it. I hate digging through a pack, which is just a dark pit, crammed full, to find a loose item. Having said that, until recent years, I used freezer bags for everything. And while those work, they don’t look nice nor do they hold up over time, they get tattered pretty easily over a trip. I have added a number of fabric bags over the years, some made of silnylon for gear, others made of cotton or hemp for food items.

Receiving a package of food grade fabric bags from Lunchskins, that are dishwasher safe and will do a better job of keeping dry food in? I was willing to try it out.



Lunchskins has two lines, the first is the original Lunchskins, which are made in the United States. The second line is Lunchskins2, which is being sold in select Target stores. The Lunchskins2 are produced in China, but come in 2 packs, a sandwich and snack bag combo set.

Both versions are well made, although I would buy the US made version out of supporting our manufactures and I found the envelope flap where you can write a name or what is int a charming touch. The Target ones do not have this feature, although they are less expensive.


As for the fabric, it is durable and easily cleaned. Wether you want to carry a sammie for a dayhike, or a bag to tuck snacks into your hipbelt pocket, or use a snack size bag to carry your smartphone, they are multi-purpose bag. Also great for kid’s backpacks to stash treasures in, or to at least keep track of their snacks. The bags are easily opened and close by little fingers, where as the zipper part of plastic bags can be hard for them. And they work well with gloves on, so consider them for winter use.


FTC Disclaimer: We received product for potential review.

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