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Book Review: Get Your Kids Hiking


Get Your Kids Hiking: How to Start Them Young and Keep it Fun! Just maybe life would have been smoother back then, with this newly released book.

When I started hiking with my oldest son I had no idea where to start and thankfully I never did anything too idiotic – outside of that one time I dumped him in the middle of a creek when he was 3½, when I dumbly thought carrying him on my hip was a great idea. Er, maybe I shouldn’t admit that? 😉 Or of any of the other dumb ideas I had back then.


Pre-internet days, I was on my own, never knowing if he could do what I asked, and always learning. Like “Oh, it might be a good idea to carry double the clothing because he ends up wearing my extras due to being cold”. Or “Carry twice as much food as you think you’ll need, because he will eat all of your food”….


He was a tough kid thankfully, and was my hiking partner for years, even when he was 6 and on the PCT with me.


Although I fast learned he hated bugs. I mean really hated them. The picture above he was so unhappy in it, as we had clouds of biters descend on us. Yuck.


But…..he could also be very happy too!

The point being that if you take your kids with you enough, you can train them into hikers. But also, as adults, we are often too rushed and don’t slow down for the views – especially things like a wildflower or a small animal. If we have a little help in planning, such as what gear to bring, how to get kids ready and what to expect – well, that can make it so much easier for everyone! A good book on getting out with kids would have saved me a lot of frustration those first few years.

If you have kids, do take a read!


FTC Disclaimer: We received an advance copy for potential review.

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