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New Camp Shoes: Teva Barracuda Sandals

Back in the day I always had a pair of Croc sandals hanging off the back of my pack. They were light, I could walk in them in a pinch, and my feet could breathe. Even at my most obsessive of lightweight backpacking, I nearly always had a pair along. I hate taking off my hiking shoes and getting back into them for around camp or worse, 2 am potty runs.

Looking into my shoe closet I realized I really didn’t have any “light”sandals anymore and I wasn’t hauling my Chacos, which are bricks to carry and hurt bad when wet (they rub skin right off, this I know from experience). I was poking around the shoe section at my local Fred Meyers store, since I knew they carried Crocs, when my eyes saw something (OK, Kirk saw them. Whatever).


Teva Barracuda Sandals? I hadn’t seen these before. They had them in two colors for ladies, in the grey/pink I picked up and a dark grey/baby blue. And on sale I paid $20 for them, which was a lot cheaper than the Crocs next to them. I figured they fit, were pretty standard in shape to what I am used to and well, they were just camp shoes.

I especially liked the soles, which are designed for water. Since I wear my sandals for water crossings and getting water to drink, a good shoe is important:



With my big ol’ feet (size 10) they weighed in at 11 ounces a pair. Not bad at all. And they easily clipped onto my pack.



I was actually surprised that not only did they fit well first wear, they didn’t rub my feet when wet – and for such thin soles, they were quite supportive. Thoughts? At even retail of $40, they are a decent price. On sale, even better. They come in both women’s and men’s sizing, in a wide variety of colors. And guys, if you have big feet, they go up to size 16. Yowza!

We shall see how they hold up over the summer, for now I am happy. And hey, at least I had a more styling option to the ol’ clown shoes 😉


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  1. Thanks for the tip, I’ll check them out. Hopefully, I can find them in Florida.

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