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New Meal: Get Up & Go Country Potatoes

I am a long time fan of Pack Lite Foods, a company that not enough hikers know about. For one, their meals are all 100% vegetarian and often enough are accidentally vegan. Beyond that, their meals have a filling size and are reasonable in sodium levels. I was sent a new meal, coming out soon, to try out. I feel bad because I took so long to review it. It wasn’t supposed to be that way, but every trip I had planned got canceled due to the weather (high winds, snow, deluging rain….) so on my last trip, I grabbed it for my dinner!


Get Up & Go Country Potatoes is I’d suppose a breakfast, but darn it, it made a great dinner! I was totally satisfied, pleasantly full but didn’t have a meat-hangover in camp. It isn’t up yet on their store, but it should be soon – so go bug them. You won’t regret it!


Preparing it is very simple, add water called for to your pot (a hard anodized aluminium or non-stick is best),bring to boil. Take off stove, add dry ingredients (there is a packet of oil inside, reserve it), cover and let sit for 10 minutes. Add oil, heat over a medium flame, stirring constantly, to brown up. And if you were really lazy, you don’t have to brown/crisp it up, you can add the oil with the dry ingredients and eat that way (which means one could FBC the meal if they wanted). The potatoes do though benefit from a crisping!


Yes, my clothing choice is quite loud. I am like that 😉

Now…..want that meal to taste so good you’ll be wanting it every trip? Pick up some WayFare Bacony Bits. Ummm…oh yeah.


I met the folks behind WayFare in May, at Vida Vegan Conference. The sample sat in my hiking food for a while – because I’ll be honest…fake bacon bits are not often good. Usually chewy, salty and colored a scary shade of red. These were not – they are lightly crunchy, popping between your teeth with a great flavor. They go with pretty much anything you can think of – and better? They stayed crunchy in my dinner!

It was nice to have two winners for my dinner. The vegan “aged nut cheese” packets in the picture above? Ummm…not my cup o’ tea. I’ll be nice and leave it at that.


8 thoughts on “New Meal: Get Up & Go Country Potatoes

  1. They gave me a sample pack to try too and I found that the potatoes was too “southwestern”. I recommended they take some of the red peppers out and dial back the spiciness. Other than that it wasn’t too bad.

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