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Sunday at Sunrise in July

If it is the first week of July, more often than not, we can be found up at Sunrise in Mt. Rainier NP. That time when the snow is nearly gone on the lower trails (by lower I mean at 6200 to 6400 feet elevation) and we can do easy loops that the kids enjoy. The bugs are a week away and the sun was shining….and I realized in every trip to Sunrise, I had never taken Ford, Walker, Alistaire nor Kirk down the Silver Forest Trail, which one passes when on the Wonderland Trail. One should though. It dips into subalpine forest for a bit, then pops out into open, through Yakima Park. While below the road coming up into Sunrise, you don’t notice it. It is quiet, the farther one goes.


Walker has this thing for Dora the Explorer….and is in love with Map I think. The whole drive up he was “Big Snowy Mountain!” Or as Kirk mimicked in his best old man voice “Walker, first you go to Enumclaw, then White River, then Snowy Mountain!”

Just saying…if you want to make a 3 year-old super happy, take him to snow. In July. He was squealing with happiness. Up and down, up and down.


Can one get jaded from seeing Rainier too many times? I hope not.


I was able to rope the whole family into hiking: Walker, me, Alistaire is on my back and Ford towering over me. Kirk is hiding behind the camera….


Is it a hard hike? No. Although I always inwardly giggle as I see flat land tourists in winter coats and flip-flops, wallowing in the mud and snow. Hehe.


Shadow Lake was pretty as always. I saw lots of deer and bear prints in the snow and as well the mud around the lake. One snow patch we crossed before it had a lot of bear scat. Sigh, didn’t get to see any though!


We took a break above the lake and let Walker and Alistaire rest and have a snack.


Then onwards.


Daddy helping Walker through a snow drift –


Rainier peeking above Burroughs 1 –


More snow, and a happy Walker.




A last glimpse, through the trees –


Daddy and Walker, on the last bit of trail, ever so glad to see his little seat in the van. Walker passed out within 10 minutes of getting back. Not bad for a little guy…he is getting stronger every day 🙂



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