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Food Find for The Wee Ones: Plum Organics Little Cremes


Alistaire, our youngest, recently had full allergy testing, after his second visit to the ER in 2 months time. It isn’t a pleasant sight to say the least – they marked his back up and then applied samples all over.


While not fun to go through (what 17 month old wants hives on his back that he can’t itch?), we have a better picture of just what he can eat safely now. The current list he cannot have is peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat and dairy. Dairy is middle of the road and causes him to have eczema. Since there is so much he cannot have, we let him have dairy (with Dr. approval) but try to limit it. He really, really loves yogurt drops, which are freeze-dried but again…they contain dairy. He can take some dairy but the less he has, the better. His skin thanks us every time we can find a non-dairy alternative.

Seeing Plum Organics Little Crèmes, which are organic rice milk snacks, similar in taste and texture? Ooh. We had to have some. Our local Safeway is carrying them in the baby/toddler section.


We tried the Pomegranate Beet and Berry flavor, there are 3 varieties, all of which are a blend of vegetables and fruits/berries.


Alistaire was happy as could be. A bag of these will be in his backpack from now on. Every bit less of dairy he consumes is one less application of ointment on his skin! The snacks are light and a great “munchie” he can happily toss back.


Walker never misses anything good – and scoped out the bag and ran with it…..


Which led to a tiff when Alistaire wanted his snack back!

Kids will love these, vegans might as well, no gelatin, where as most freeze-dried drops have that. They are great added to trail mix as well, even for us adults!


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  1. yikes! I had a similar experience with my little one and dried fruit. It definitely made me nervous, but so far it hasn’t happened again. Glad to see your little guy is doing OK!

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